The images seen in the gallery below were taken in 2021.

They feature still shots of the insides of a 'burnt-out hotel with an indoor pool room' By “pool room” I don't mean's an enclosed swimming pool.

The pool's deep end is full of litter and old hotel furnishings...and a “No Diving” sign nearby, which made me laugh. This is a decent-sized pool with a nearby jacuzzi; you can see through all the scum, dirt, and garbage that this was once a pretty impressive swimming pool. The jacuzzi is also filled with some kind of junk. I just don't get the mindset of somebody who would fill these pools with crap...I just don't get it.

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Other than the pool area, this place has been royally trashed: hallways ripped to shreds, peeling ceilings, torn-apart exercise room, cupboards emptied with stuff thrown around, heating tubes ripped from the ceiling, laundry room has (what looks like) sheets on the floor, bare mattress springs, disgusting bathrooms, ripped artwork, broken glass, graffiti.....geez. What a mess.

As if those weren't enough, a section of the motel suffered a major blaze that ruined so much stuff that otherwise could have been salvaged. You'll see those burnt-out rooms in the gallery. What a waste.

It's really a shame to see what was once a seemingly nice place to stay end up in such deplorable condition. Take a look at the photos below.

Abandoned Burnt Motel and Pool Area, Flint


Abandoned Echo Valley Motel (Resort)

Abandoned Motel, Saginaw

Abandoned Niles Motel & Conference Center

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