When it comes to festivals the camping can be just as, if not more, exciting and fun as the concerts themselves. Brooklyn, Michigan's Faster Horses Festival is no exception. This 3-day (4 if you count Faster Horses move-in day and MANY do) multi-stage live music festival takes place annually on the grounds of Michigan International Speedway (MIS). MIS has the distinction of being Michigan's largest campground.

Faster Horses Host City of Brooklyn, Michigan

Less than 2 miles from MIS is Brooklyn, not a booming metropolis, but surprisingly accustomed to accommodating a large influx of shirtless, beer-drinking, loud party animals, since NASCAR runs at least one race a year in Michigan. A large grocery store, pharmacy, and even a sporting goods store that has everything you forgot for the campground stock up on everything festival goers may need.

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Faster Horses Festival via YouTube
Faster Horses Festival via YouTube

Let's take a closer look at 11 Things You'll Be Sorry You Forgot to Bring to Brooklyn, Michigan's Faster Horses Festival.

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #11: Water


For every adult beverage, drink a bottle of water. The July Michigan sun is unforgiving and when you couple that with alcohol, you can become dehydrated quickly.

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #10: Cooler


Warm beer is one thing, but deli meats sitting uncooled in the hot sun is a recipe for disaster. DO NOT FORGET THE COOLER!

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #9: Fire Starting Logs


Alchohol plus fire starting is a big no-no, especially when fellow campers surround you on all sides. Take a couple of extra bucks and invest in 3 or 4 fire starting logs.

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #8: Tent Stakes


Secure your tent, or it could end up sailing to Ohio.

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #7: Bug Spray


Mosquitos, horseflies, and other biting insects are common in Michigan and on MIS campgrounds. Bring 2 cans. You won't be sorry and you'll make friends easier.

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #6: A Buddy


Always let someone know where you are going. If you're going somewhere out of site from your campsite, take a buddy.

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #5: Sunblock


Some of the finest sunburns ever created were at past Faster Horses Festivals, don't become one of the statistics.

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #4: Sunglasses


For many reasons, make SURE you have them.

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #3: Silverware


Nothing is worse than realizing you've made a great campfire meal only to discover you've forgotten plates and utensils. Ever eaten potato salad with your fingers?

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #2: Beverages


Water of course is on the list, but if you so desire, make sure to back however many cans of whatever beverage you enjoy. Then at 24 more. You won't be sorry.

Faster Horses Festival Must Have #1: Ice


You may have remembered the cooler, but ice is imperative! They do sell it on site which is convenient, but there are also plenty of Brooklyn businesses that sell ice as well and for much less.

Who's Performing at Faster Horses 2023 - The Party of the Decade

Faster Horses is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. To kick off the Party of the Summer and the Party of the Decade here's who's going to be performing at this year's festival.

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