Okay, because someone brought up the subject of Blood Cemetery in Laingsburg, here goes.

It all centers around a character named Doctor Blood. The wealthy Blood family built the cemetery on their own land in the 1800's and the last surviving family member was old Dr. Blood. He lived in a creepy old mansion next to the cemetery, thus being given the moniker, the "Blood House."

The story goes that the ol' doc shot his wife with a shotgun and hacked her body to bits with an axe...afterward, to avoid punishment, he went into the cemetery and hung himself from a tree...and supposedly, to this day, the ghosts of both Dr. & Mrs. Blood haunt the cemetery.

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Years afterward, a group of teens decided to explore the cemetery and mansion; one kid was dared to enter the spooky old house and proceeded to enter through a window. After an hour with no word from the boy, the other kids freaked out and went to the police. A policeman told them that Dr. Blood's ghost lived there and isn't fond of trespassers. In minutes, the police drove to the mansion with the kids following in another car; when they arrived, the whole house had been set on fire. Hours later, once the fire was out, firemen discovered the burnt remains of the boy, with his hands and feet tied with rope....next to a shotgun and axe smeared with blood.

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The next morning, police discovered a freshly dug grave with a dismembered corpse inside,...the corpse of Mrs. Blood...but the body of Dr. Blood himself had vanished and was never found.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to add any stories of your own, or any other details about the legend!

Story-after-story by people who have ventured into the cemetery abound. Thrill-seekers who have visited the cemetery claim to have seen an old armless & headless woman in red, disappearing into the mist. There are plenty of stories on the internet on various sites where you can read of the experiences of those who have braved a night in the cemetery. One thing is constant: everyone who knows about Blood Cemetery in Laingsburg say the same exact thing: "NEVER, EVER GO THERE ALONE".....if you do, you may never come back.