Having the perfect lawn has always been at the top of my list every spring and summer.  Nothing makes me happier than receiving really nice compliments on how nice my lawn looks.  And yes it does require some extra work.

According to USA Today:

DIY lawn care expert, Lawn Care Nut Allyn Hane, suggests applying that first round of fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicides when your soil temperatures cross 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is the temperature at which your grass will grow, but also when crabgrass seeds germinate.  Don't miss this important step in weed control!

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I love this article in USA Today because I find it very helpful when it comes to making my yard look beautiful.

Even though I'm not an expert at lawn care, there are certain things I try to do to make my lawn look the best.  For example:

1.  Mow your lawn once a week.  I like to do this because the longer your grass is, the more it spreads lawn clippings all over your yard.  That's too much work.  Another good idea is to use a mulching mower that simply cuts the grass and puts it back into the ground.

2.  Water Your lawn in the morning or at night.  Like all other plant life, your grass needs a good soaking.  I try to water our lawn every two days or so unless it rains.

3.  Putting down a good fertilizer.  This depends on what type of fertilizer you like to use.  You can find a really good fertilizer just about anywhere.  I usually put down three different types of fertilizer from early spring until early fall.  And yes this also includes weed killer as well.

According to USA Today, The Lawn Care Nut tells us:

While a beautiful yard does require a dedicated maintenance schedule and knowing the right care for your grass type, it's not impossible for the average homeowner to undertake.  In fact, having an expert's help in getting started may be just what you need to get a jump on spring and summer to cultivate a lush lawn.

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