The Bella Notte Restaurant (or "Ristorante") has been reportedly haunted for decades, WAY before the space was turned into an eatery.

Once upon a time, it was Oppenheim's clothing store, which specialized in sales of furniture that was crafted by inmates of Southern Michigan (Jackson) Prison. After some remodeling & rebuilding the structure in the 1950's, Oppenheim's disappeared and a Sav-a-Lot drug store stood in it's place...then along came Bella Notte Ristorante years later.

With this history of the building, it's no surprise that paranormal activity has been reported. The upstairs is pretty creepy and desolate. Several spirits are said to inhabit the upstairs and they seem to enjoy spooking employees and customers that are granted a tour.

IS THIS THE TYPE OF DRESS THAT'S BEEN SEEN ON THE LADY SPECTRE? A 1910 gown of Nattier blue, trimmed with silk. (Getty Images)
IS THIS THE TYPE OF DRESS THAT'S BEEN SEEN ON THE LADY SPECTRE? A 1910 gown of Nattier blue, trimmed with silk.
(Getty Images)

A lady in a lustrous, blue silk dress has been spotted walking thru the dark of night with a little girl - possibly her young daughter - by her side. The echoed cries of lost-sounding children have been heard as well...but who are these ghosts supposed to be? Was the upstairs once used as living quarters, WAY before it was Oppenheim's? Did someone perish up there? I don't see any connection to Jackson prisoners, as they weren't actually there, they just had their wares sold there.

Employees and customers of Bella Notte have experienced the usual sounds, cold spots, strange greenish glows and eerie feelings, as well as witnessing lights that shine by themselves when not turned on and doors opening & closing by themselves.

If you are a customer, you can request a tour of the upstairs, of which someone is usually glad to accommodate you. An elevator takes you up - and once you arrive and the elevator door opens, you really do get a sense of...something. Whether you wanna call it foreboding, fear or an adrenaline rush, you will experience a wave of some sort.

If anyone has any more historic information on Bella Notte, please let me know!


Go see for yourself...Bella Notte is located at 137 W. Michigan in downtown Jackson...along with MANY other haunts that surround downtown Jackson. It's a great area!

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