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Before I get to the haunted junk, lemme give ya a little background on the area that currently houses the Beaumont Tower on the MSU campus:

That area is where the college's FIRST building was constructed, WAYYY back in 1856. Given the title 'College Hall', it contained a chapel, classrooms, labs, lecture hall, library, museum and offices and began it's use when the campus opened in 1857.

Thanks to state government officials who accepted an extremely low construction bid, the finished building suffered from cheap materials and defective workmanship.

Once the 1900's rolled around, students attempted to help save the rotting building from demolition by making repairs themselves; however, their non-professional craftsmanship made it even worse and the hall collapsed in August 1918. After cleaning up that big mess, it was agreed to construct a clock tower on the premises, which is the current Beaumont Tower.

BEAUMONT TOWER; Screenshot courtesy of Michigan State University, youtube

Ghostly couples, in clothes that were the fashion in the late 1800's, have been seen holding hands as they strolled thru the green area. It's said these spirits are the lost souls of students long gone, searching for their long-lost classrooms. This same area is where the first dormitory, Saints' Rest, used to burned down in December 1876, supposedly killing some students in the blaze...the spirits of these deceased kids are said to wander the green area as they hunt for their old dorm. Many, many people - students, parents, faculty members and other visitors - have claimed to witness these spectral students...

On dark nights, the image of a man wearing a stovepipe hat and a long coat with tails has been seen on the green.

TOWER STAIRS; Screenshot courtesy of Michigan State University, youtube

Also, legend says if you bring a first date to the tower and kiss under it's shadow, you'll be doomed to marry that same watch it. Keep your lips in your pocket.

It's a perfect place to do your own paranormal investigation...take your cameras and recording equipment and have at it!

Ain't Michigan fun?