The village of Bach can be found in Michigan's thumb, Huron County, split between Sebewaing & Brookfield Townships. In 1889 it was named after one of the village's early settlers, either Christian Bach or Fredric Bach.

Huron County was a huge lumber area and Bach's capital came mostly from logging. Plus, the township helped Bach's economy with a salt well, stone quarries, and iron works. A post office was established in 1912.

The first train to run through Huron County was the Pontiac, Oxford & Port Austin Railroad. Construction ran from 1881-1883 at Caseville in an attempt to bring more business and economy to the Thumb area. The Michigan Central Railroad ran right through Bach, bringing entrepreneurs and travelers. When it was ripped up many years later, Bach's decline was inevitable.

Not much is left of Bach, except a couple of blocks and a few old buildings that remain, including a cool old general store.

Add Bach to your Michigan roadtrip and get some pictures before the old store is torn down! Check out the photos below.


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