There are two iconic 'M's in Michigan that you cannot avoid.

  1. The alluring golden arches of McDonald's
  2. The University of Michigan's block M

Other than being regular sights in the Mitten, what else do these M's have in common? They both make a RIDICULOUS amount of money. The University of Michigan is on the downhill slope of its 11-year, $169 MILLION Nike contract, which is set to expire in 2027, with an option to renew through 2031.

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Wait, the deal gets better! In an interview with the University of Michigan Record at the time the deal was signed, it was revealed U of M is getting a percentage of the sales on top of the $169 million:

U-M or its licensing agent — currently the Collegiate Licensing Co. — also would receive a royalty of 15 percent on net sales of licensed products. The agreement specifies aggregate royalties shall not be less than $18.35 million during the initial term, or $25.05 million if the extension is exercised.

College logos are BIG BUSINESS. This leads me to...

Are Changes Coming to the University of Michigan's Block 'M'?


The University of Michigan has changed its logo seven times since 1912, with four of those changes having come since 1979. The most recent change came in 2012. So, what would be the reasoning behind changing it again?

Well, there has been a resurgence in the football program dominance with three straight College Football Playoff appearances and everyone buying up their favorite player's jersey, now that we are in the age of NIL, what better way to sell more merch than to slightly tweak the logo? Not to mention all of the National Championship merchandise that will be flying off the shelves.

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A new logo means new...everything...for diehard U of M fans. Don't be surprised to see a 'slight enough to notice' modification before the University's contract with Nike expires in 2027. Maybe as soon as next season.

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