This might be a new idea but an idea that some other universities and institutions do in the future. Spring Arbor University in Jackson county is offering free COVID-19 testing to Spring Arbor students as well as for employees as they begin to return to campus.

According to WLNS, Spring Arbor University will be offering the FDA-approved Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Immunoglobulin (IgG) Antibody tests. The differences in these tests are that the PCR test has an estimated 99% accuracy in detecting whether the virus is currently present. Meanwhile, the IgG test has an estimated accuracy greater than 90% in finding out if the virus has ever been present in your body and if your body has produced antibodies against it. No other school in the state has announced that they are doing this, but not sure how many other schools could do this due to the cost.

Spring Arbor hopes that these two tests will make students and administrators feel better when the new semester starts. The school year is going to start in late-August with in person learning and end at Thanksgiving, like most universities are doing due to coronavirus concerns. More about it here.

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