As a concerned citizen and an extreme ice cream enthusiast, I have a question that I hope can be answered...

What the heck is going on with Arctic Corner in Old Town Lansing?

Arctic Corner in Old Town Lansing

And I mean nothing bad or snarky with that question. I genuinely would like to know what's going on with it.

The last I heard, at the end of last year's summer season, the owner didn't plan on reopening for this season. It was my understanding, both through the "rumor mill" and the fact that there was a big for sale/lease sign in front of it all winter long, that the plan was to sell it to a new owner.

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When I was in Old Town this past Friday (May 6th), Arctic Corner was open, serving up ice cream cones and all other sorts of frozen confections to patrons. Here's the pic I took.

Photo courtesy Kristen Matthews
Photo courtesy Kristen Matthews

Don't misunderstand, I am so incredibly happy to see them open again! It's always wonderful to see a local mom-and-pop business that is open and thriving, especially after the rough last two years that many businesses have had to endure.

Mostly, I'm just a curious Lansing resident who's wondering what's going on.

Does anyone know if the owner was able to sell the location and this is a new owner that's operating it? Or, did they re-open for the time being because they weren't able to find a buyer?

Whatever the case, I hope that the owner knows that Lansing loves Arctic Corner and that we wouldn't want to see it closed forever.

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