I think my squirrel/bird house problems may be over. Move over bird feeder, I now want to have the squirrel obstacle course at my house.

The young man who came up with this is brilliant, and he  must have a lot of free time on his hands because his creation is over the top!!

We got a bird house earlier this year, so we could watch the birds and so could the cats. Before we knew it, the birds were being muscled out by the squirrels, and it is actually quite comical to watch them. Yesterday we watched one squirrel fall from the feeder THREE times before he finally gave up. It was very funny.

Here is a guy who took an idea and ran with it to the finish line. The fact that he has names for the critters and can talk about their temperament makes it even more fun.

So, we are in a pandemic and here is someone who took all the time on his hands and made his backyard into a Ninja Warrior playground for the neighborhood squirrels, with the prize being some walnuts and banners unfurling for the winner.

Best. Idea. EVER!!!

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