For Mothers Day I got the gift I wanted, a bird feeder so I could watch the different birds feeding.   Instead, what I got was a squirrel dancing pole.  I swear those silly things are hanging off the bird feeder in every pose you can imagine.   We even bought a cat tower, so the cats could watch the birds, kind of like cat t.v., but now it is stuck on the squirrel channel.

Well, the local squirrels were not having it.   Apparently they felt that the bird feeder was put there for just their use.  We constantly have squirrels and not birds at the feeder, all day long.

Switching the bird seed to one without sunflower seeds didn't even help.   you can literally watch the squirrels take the the feeder and shake it so all their buddies on the ground can eat all they want.

I hate to admit how cute they are, but they are cute,  especially when they see me staring at them. they tend to freeze in place in hopes that if they don't move maybe I won't see the , little stinkers.

So now we basically have a squirrel feeder and the birds  get whatever is left over on the ground.

Suggestions?  How do you keep them away from the bird feeder,   Our feeder is on a Sheppard's hook, but those little guys hit the pole like they are at a Gentleman's club.

We do enjoy watching them, occasionally, but not all the time, after all it is a BIRD FEEDER!

Any suggestions would be appreciated, by me and the birds.

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