Abandoned homes, shops, and buildings seem like they are a dime a dozen, as there seems to be an endless supply of them throughout Michigan. But here’s a twist: a look inside an abandoned storage unit. What will the buyer find inside?

Why do units get abandoned? In some cases, the owner dies with no one to take over the stuff; or the owner may just move away and say 'the heck with it all'.

For those of you who have ever seen an episode of TV’s Storage Wars, you know how the outcome could be. You may find discarded treasures and collectibles, or you may just find nothing but junk that is mostly worthless. Some of the things found in this particular Michigan storage unit are pretty cool and collectible.

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For instance:
Ice cream maker
1940s or 50s record player
Portable pool table
Vintage clock
Vintage Sky Command remote control stunt kite from 1969
Vintage Victrola record player
Vintage Washboard
Wingnut hat

...and the usual stuff like records, magazines, games, books, dishware, coffee mugs, bottles, toys, and more.

For what the average cost is to buy an abandoned storage unit, more times than not, with the stuff you find you can actually double or triple your money (or more) by selling the found items online.

This storage unit is at an undisclosed location in Michigan, but it doesn’t matter; there are still plenty of them throughout our state that you can check out and take a chance with. You may find that one old comic book or record album that would sell for thousands of dollars, making the whole excursion worthwhile.

Now, take a look inside this particular unit, and see what this guy dug up.

Abandoned Michigan Storage Unit Found with Many Collectibles


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