WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Here is yet another of Michigan's endless supply of abandoned, deserted buildings and places. This time it's an orphanage. All we know about this place is that it is somewhere in Michigan. Again, a smart move by the videographers as a way to prevent vandals and squatters.

The outside of the building still seems to be in pretty decent shape, with weeds, bushes, and foliage beginning to engulf it. There's a gym with a basketball court, an exercise area, a stainless steel stove in the kitchen, empty shelves & offices, barren community rooms, a still-impressive shower room, recreation room, confessionals, chapel.....all with very little graffiti. Some, yes, but not extreme as in other deserted structures.

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According to Ruin Road, the genesis of this orphanage begins in  the 1950s. A group of monks bought 280 acres of land here to build a center with the hopes of training missionaries. By the 1980s, that concept was failing with enrollee numbers falling off. So, they sold the property and it was soon transformed into a home for orphans, delinquents, and wayward & abused youths.

With overcrowding a problem, the facility became more of a place for the kids to live instead of a rehabilitation center.

In 2008, the Catholic Diocese bought the place and began allowing law enforcement agencies to come in, train, and use it as a place for target practice. It was purchased again in the mid-2010s with hopes of turning it into a school.

It still sits empty.

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