The Charles Hanneman School in Detroit opened in 1916, with grades Kindergarten thru fifth. It served a west side neighborhood that consisted of Czechoslovakian, German, Polish and US families. Minorities were 91% of the student body, a number significantly higher than the state average of 32%.

The school had no gym upon its completion, so a makeshift gym became located in the basement, along with the school cafeteria.

By 1922, the student body was over 1,100. The school became overcrowded, causing another school, Chadsey high School, to be constructed in 1931 and take over some of the student spillover. The school was now known as the Charles Hanneman Elementary School.

In 1995, only 600 students were enrolled and that number dwindled to a mere 400 when the school finally closed around 2008. Today, the building remains closed, with the insides deteriorating, leaking, rotting, and vandalized. Maybe someday the school will be renovated and used for a community center or public service building...but to demolish it would be a huge mistake.

The building is located at 6420 McGraw Avenue in Detroit...take a look below for photos outside AND inside the school!


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