This particular abandoned Marathon gas station / party store is not a Marathon station anymore. Nor is it abandoned or torn down. Nope, it's been refurbished and turned into a 'Lightning Quick Gas 'n Go'. But before all that took place, someone got inside to show the completely disheveled condition the place was in – and had been for quite a few years.

Judging by stuff left inside, like calendars and “if you were born before this day” signs, the station closed down in 2001 and sat decaying until 2018 when the planning stages for re-vitalization were taking place.

The videographers believed this abandoned station would eventually be torn down...but it was saved and has now been back in business under different ownership for a few years.

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The gallery below takes you inside and shows the deplorable condition it was once in. Moss coming through the floors, moss even growing on the countertops! Also, ripped-open gas pumps, piles of garbage, windows on the beer and pop coolers all smashed in, insulation ripped down and hanging from the ceiling, litter, warped paneling, and other images that are indescribable.

The location is twelve miles south of Dundee, eighteen miles north of Toledo, and just west of US-23 on US-223. Have a look for yourself...then go fill your tank.

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