WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. 

When we were in school, we couldn’t wait for the days to get over - they just dragged on…especially the last class of the day. We thought that last bell would never go off.

A class period lasted 40 minutes. That doesn't seem so bad when you look back on it, but then it seemed like an eternity. When we were shuffling down the halls from class to class, it was a gas to run into our buddies and girlfriends that were on their way to their classes. Man, we just wanted to stop and talk – NOT go to class. And some of us didn’t…..sometimes.

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Some kids took that extra few minutes to go outside to have a quick smoke…or a little nip they kept in their car. Couples would sneak away for a fast make-out session before the next class began. The girls would be in the bathroom (administration always called the bathroom the “lavatory”) putting on more makeup and the guys would be in the boys' room swapping dirty jokes.

THAT was school. THOSE were the things that made it interesting during a routinely boring day of classes. Now those who have been out of school really, really miss it. Some adults well into their thirties have tried to go back to high school disguised as a teen. Sorry…but you just can’t re-capture what once was.

So when schools like the one seen below get demolished, close permanently, or get vandalized, then yeah…it can make even the biggest complainer somewhat sorrowful that their old school is not how they remember it.

The land this school was built on was once used as a dairy farm. The land was bought by the Flint School District in 1900 and the school opened in 1929. It closed for good in 2003.

The kids – now adults – who went to the following school will have to hold their class reunions elsewhere…and reminisce at the local bowling alley how great high school was…

Abandoned Lowell Junior High School, Flint


Abandoned Echo Valley Motel (Resort)

Abandoned Cabin in the Woods, Mio

Abandoned Huron Bay Lodge, Baraga County

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