WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

It has happened before. A funeral home shuts down and leaves many things behind…even cremated remains. That’s what was discovered in this closed Detroit funeral home…over one hundred cremated remains that were never turned over to the deceased’s relatives.

The Gates of Heaven Funeral Home on the corner of Livernois and Buchanan in Detroit still had all these boxes, urns, and bags of customer ashes stacked up in the basement: on tables and on the floor.

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A videographer entered this building in 2020 and discovered stacks and stacks of these ashes and he wondered: ‘should I call the authorities or not’?

Aside from the remains, the gallery below shows the chapel, friends & family body viewing room, offices, coffin, casket…….and an embalming room.

The embalming room is still full of the equipment. Body slab, embalming machine that still holds some arterial fluid, corpse makeup and other body preparation materials, wooden head block, and more. The embalming room looks amazingly intact, almost as it did when the funeral home was still operating.

After his first visit, the videographer did indeed notify authorities about all the left-behind remains. Two years later, he went back. On his return, he saw all the bags, boxes, and urns of the cremations had been removed. However, one creepy thing still remained: the arterial fluid was still sitting in the embalming machine, slightly discolored.

You’ll see all these photos and more in the gallery below.

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