WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Once upon a time Michigan had a good number of water parks including Fun Tyme and Fun Country...and now most – but not all - are gone. Michigan's Adventure still has water slides which seems to be the one most Michiganders go to now.

One of these was the Fun Country Water Park in Interlochen, fourteen miles southwest of Traverse City. It was a forty-acre amusement park that included a mini golf course, a couple of water slides, go-kart race track, a bath house for changing out of your wet clothes, and more.

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The park shut down in 2008 and just sat with local officials wondering what to do with it. Fun Country was finally purchased in 2015, with the new owner imagining turning the 40 acres into a combination RV park and amusement area. It's not a bad idea, but so far, there has been no moving forward.

The park still sits by the road, with one water slide still standing and a few buildings. The mini golf course is overgrown and crumbled. The Go-Kart track is cracked. Sure, there are some signs of intruder spray painting, but not much at all, which makes the photos more enjoyable.

Fun Country was/is located at 9320 US.31 in Interlochen but remember – always get permission to explore and avoid prosecution!

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