WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

This one-story house sits all by itself out in the countryside somewhere near Gaylord. No idea how old the house is, but the stairway leading down into the eerie basement is very narrow and looks a mite steep.

The basement has a few rooms, one of them still has jars of pickles on the shelf. It appears that there was once a game room in the basement, with a bumper pool table and a fireplace.

On the first floor is a china cabinet, with a complete set of china that has not been moved or touched! Plates, cups, glasses, serving bowls, salad bowls, pitchers, creamers, sugar bowls, cereal/soup bowls….all still here and intact, even though this place looks like it’s been deserted for many years.

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As far as a substance abuser once living here, there are some clues: vials, syringes, burning spoon…there’s even a document from a psychiatrist that details the man’s drug abuse outside of Michigan. The papers were to be presented in court after the man put in a request for a driver’s license. Obviously, it never got there.

It looks like there was some attempt to pack up stuff, but so much was left behind; many unpacked, empty boxes along with possessions thrown all over the place…so not a whole-hearted try at getting all that stuff outta there. Clothes, appliances, electrical items…still there.

Now the good news: The videographers (who got permission to enter) found out that this man who once did a lot of drugs got his life together and turned himself around. Now he is a resort superintendent and has taken up skiing, of which he partakes avidly.

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