The old elevator and depot seen in the gallery below are from the village of Dorr in Allegan County. However, since around 2015 the elevator has been demolished…but you’ll still see some photos of it pre-demo.

As for the community of Dorr, it was original home to the Algonquian tribes: Odawa, Ojibwe, and Potawatomi. Then in 1845 that all changed with the arrival of the Europeans. Dorr’s first permanent settler, Frank Neuman, set up house in 1856, built the town’s first framed house in 1857, and had the town platted in 1869.

First known as "Dorr Centre", the community is believed to have been named for Thomas Wilson Dorr, a state legislator and leader of the 1840s Dorr Rebellion (seeking a broader franchise of universal male suffrage) in Rhode Island.

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The railroad was laid out and came through in 1869 and by 1880, Dorr’s population had multiplied up to 200. Dorr was booming, and the downtown and outskirts had a good number of businesses: blacksmith, church, dry goods, general store, grocery store, two hotels (The National Hotel and the Birney House) and school.

Dorr is not to be confused with North Dorr, which is a blip on the map that lies on the border of Allegan and Kent counties. North Dorr was created around 1865 with a short-lived post office from 1874 to 1905.

Some of Dorr’s original buildings still stand, as does the depot. The gallery below shows the old depot – which still stands – and the old elevator, which has been gone for a number of years.

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