I can't even imagine how the latest Michigan lottery winner feels.  The woman, who wisely chose to remain anonymous, won 4 million dollars on a scratch-off ticket.

The Saginaw County woman said that she won her millions on the Michigan Lottery's $200,000,000 Riches instant game. The winning ticket was purchased at Singh's Market on Shattuck Road in Saginaw.

When she began scratching the ticket, she revealed the 'CASH' symbol, the woman told the Detroit News she knew she had won big. Okay, so she knew she was going to win a big prize, but how do you wrap your head around the fact you won MILLIONS. The Saginaw said when she saw the number 4 and then scratched off the letter M, she couldn't help but holler.

The game that 4 million dollars were won with debuted back in March, so far around $ 60 million has been paid out to winners. The Saginaw winner decided on a lump sum payoff and will take home $2.5 million.

The Michigan Lottery's website has all jackpots for all the lottery games.

Some other Michigan Lottery games have nice-sized jackpots.  The Mega Millions, for tonights drawing, has a jackpot of 128 million dollars. The Power Ball jackpot for Wednesday night is up to an estimated 161 million.  I could live quite comfortably on either one of those jackpots.

The largest jackpot in Michigan's lottery history, and the third-largest in the United States, was an amazing $1.05 billion dollars, that prize was won by a lottery club from Detroit.  The 4 member club will receive $557 million dollars, after taxes of course.

I have always wondered what is the very first thing that a lottery winner buys after becoming a millionaire. I remain hopeful that I will get to figure that out first hand, someday.

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