Hunting season is in full swing in Michigan and the upcoming firearm season is on the horizon, so that means thousands are flocking to the woodlands of our fair state with anxious dreams of bagging the big one.  But before you load that weapon up on the gun rack and haul ass to the woods, make sure you check over our list of...

7 Things Every Michigan Hunter Owns.

7) A State approved Hunter's Safety Course - Covid-19 has stripped us of the traditional hunters course we 've become accustomed to. Instead, the Michigan DNR is allowing on-line courses followed by a field day. Of course field day spots fill fast so the earlier the better.

You'll never get me see...yeah see...

6) Valid Michigan I.D. - This can come in the form of a state of Michigan drivers license, state of Michigan issued I.D. or Michigan DNR sports card. But you can't get the required hunting license without one.

Whose a good boy!!!

5) Hunting License - A hunting license is required for hunting activities. E-Licenses are being encouraged due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You may carry the license electronically on your phone or smart device however, a physical license must be present when tagging.  NOTE: Michigan residents who are currently in full-time federal active-duty status may obtain hunting and fishing licenses, for which a lottery is not required, free of charge.

Bear-ly makin' it...

4) A knowledge of the newest and latest Hunting regulations -  they change every year and given we're in the middle of a pandemic, as you would expect, the rules and regulations have changed to fit our current Covid-19 conditions. “These recommendations are aimed at making it easier for hunters of all ages and experience levels to enjoy a Michigan outdoor tradition, while at the same time facing the present and future challenges of managing the state’s abundant deer population,” said Chad Stewart, the DNR’s deer, elk and moose program leader.

Its wabbit season..

3) A Survival Kit - is essential given that you will face issues like fear, anxiety, cold, heat, thirst, hunger, loneliness fatigue; and possible pain or injury should you get lost. A well prepared survival kit will help you deal with these issues and possibly save your life. Your essential items need to be small and light enough so you will carry them, but at the same time be be functional.

Helluva way to spend an afternoon

2) A First Aid Kit - In the event of a medical emergency you are more than likely to be a good distance from any medical facilities, so a first aid kit is vital and may even save your life. The kits should offer basic and instant care for common medical injuries like injuries, burns, cuts etc.

Its duck season....

1) Eye and ear protection and the right clothing for the weather - Eye protection is vital given the close proximity your eyes are exposed to when firing a weapon and loud sounds will do damage to the sensitive hairs of your inner ear without protection. Those hairs translate to your brain what you are hearing and you don't want them damaged. Dressing appropriately to current and future weather conditions is vital given that temperatures and weather elements in Michigan can drop or rise on a moments notice.

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