Were YOU around 52 years ago?

Did you watch the Beatles as they invaded America on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in 1964?

It was 52 years ago this week that The Beatles made their first live U.S. performance.
The first song the Beatles performed on “The Ed Sullivan Show” was ALL MY LOVING, on February 9, 1964; it was viewed by over 73 million people, the largest TV audience up to that time.

Paul McCartney came up with the song ALL MY LOVING one morning while he was shaving and thinking about his girlfriend, British actress Jane Asher; it began as a poem, then visualized as a country song before turning it into a pop record. It was never released in America as a single, but it was featured as one of 4 tracks on their Capitol Records EP, “Four By The Beatles” and released as a single in Canada. George Harrison based the guitar solo on the style of country guitarist Chet Atkins. ALL MY LOVING was the last song John Lennon heard before he died; he had been taken to the hospital after being shot and the Muzak version of ALL MY LOVING was playing on the speakers and heard in the emergency room. It was one of John's all-time favorite songs that Paul had written.