Did you know that Potter Park Zoo in Lansing has over 160 species of animals? I can honestly say that I've seen at least 100 species of animals at Potter Park Zoo and I need to check out the other 60.

Potter Park Zoo is a wonderful zoo with really cool attractions. The zoo is open every day of the year except for December 25.

I've been going to Potter Park Zoo as far back as I can remember. I started going to the zoo when I was a kid and still go to this day.

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One of the really cool attractions at the zoo are camel rides. Camel rides are so much fun and easy to do once you relax enough and realize you are actually riding a camel. You get to meet the animal and take a ride way up on top. There is room enough for three riders at a time.

Another attraction at the zoo is called  Farmyard EdVentures. Kids love this area at Potter Park Zoo because they can get up close to pygmy goats, cattle, burros, chickens and pigs.

Feline and Primate House are next on the list to check out. As long as the weather cooperates, you can see some of your favorite animals outside in caged in areas. Yes we're talking about tigers, lions, and more. I will say they like to sleep a lot but they're still fun to look at.

One of my favorite animals at Potter Park Zoo is the Gray Wolf. There is this really neat log cabin with a big picture window looking out onto the gray wolves.

The Black Rhino is another featured animal at the zoo. This rhino is huge. They can weigh anywhere between 1,800 or 3,100 pounds. They measure 11 to 12 ft. in length.

Check out all that Potter Park Zoo has to offer. The Zoo is located at 1301 S. Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing. Potterparkzoo.org.

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