A lot of factors go into hosting a Michigan Thanksgiving. Whether you're tackling it for the first time or the 50th, the last Thursday in November always throws a few curveballs in the 11th hour.

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But, this year is the year that you promised yourself you'd save yourself time, anxiety, and money by getting things lined up ahead of time. Before we get into items that will free up your Thanksgiving budget for additional fire and flood insurance, let's take a look at things you'll need that you can't buy at a store.

Making the Most of Your Michigan Thanksgiving Without Breaking the Bank

A Michigan Thanksgiving dinner made with cost saving purchases from Michigan dollar stores.

As a host of a Michigan Thanksgiving, you are responsible for more than turkey. You have to provide the favorite side dish for each season 'regular' (don't worry, they'll tell you if they haven't already).

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You're also in charge of monitoring the weather during a Mitten State Thanksgiving Celebration. Any slight variance in conditions will be your fault. You will not be directly blamed, but expect passing comments like: "It never did this when ______ hosted".

A Michigan Thanksgiving dinner made with simple decorations purchased at a bargain price at a Michigan dollar store.

In addition to meteorology, you'll also need to be an electronics expert. Not only will you have to know what station to find the Lions game on, but you'll also have to find the "Goldie Locks Zone" of volume so that deaf Uncle Earl can hear but not so loud as to wake your cousin's baby.

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Let's face it. Once the turkey naps are over, the kitchen is clean(ish), the last coat is off the bed, and the final guest is walked to their car, you'll be able to collapse in your favorite spot, and eat dessert right out of the container in your comfy clothes.

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