We have a rule in our house, maybe it's a rule you follow too. "If you come over to our house unannounced, you're gonna see how we live, warts and all." We don't have it painted on a pallet but, it's an unspoken truth for many homes in Michigan.

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Let's be honest with each other. If I were to pop by your house unannounced, how "spotless" would it be? Expecting our homes to be ready for judgment without a heads-up is just plain wrong.

How Many Days Per Year Is an Average Michigan Home Truly Clean?

Now, when I say clean, I mean REALLY clean, not just throw stuff into that weird Narnia closet that holds everything or that Mary Poppins-like trunk by the front door. Think about the top-to-bottom cleaning your mom would do before hosting Thanksgiving.

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According to the cleaning wizards at Lysol, who commissioned OnePoll to survey American households, the average home in Michigan is considered clean only a few days per year.

What do we consider clean in the Mitten and how do we get there? Here's the lowdown from Lysol:

...U.S. homeowners and renters finds it takes them an average of five days to actually start cleaning and sanitizing their home after they first decide it needs a makeover.

Respondents say they spend an average of six days per year doing that cleaning. To that end, 68 percent will devote an entire day to cleaning and sanitizing a specific room in their home.

And drumroll, please...11. Yes, the average Michigan household is considered clean only 11 days a year. Accurate? Honest? I can't speak for everyone but, if your home is clean a whole 11 days a year you deserve a medal.

I'm not sure what kind of Fantasia-esque dancing brooms you have under your control or if you've outsourced your sanitizing services to Hogwarts but, good for you! Now, if you really want to impress, try to keep your home clean for 11 straight days! That is a task that is only accomplished by those who are trying to sell it.

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