How many times have you tried to go to a store with a bag of returnables only to be DENIED?

The local Speedway I go to has several signs that say they STILL aren't accepting bottles and cans.

And I remember back in May/June we (the state of Michigan) had been sitting on about $50 million dollars in returnables. Waiting to bring them back and cash them in.

Some folks were just waiting for the perfect time to take them back and get paid. I had some plastic bottles to take back to recycle (non-refundable) and I got tired of waiting so they made their way to the trash can. Sorry.

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There were limits on how many you could bring back and what collection centers were open.  And if you actually got to a place, you were lucky if the machines worked or that whey weren't closed down and being cleaned due to health regulations.

Business is about to pick up people.

Thursday, the Michigan Department of Treasury announced that all grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations and other retailers with bottle and can return facilities must open their return facilities, resuming the collection of returnables and refund customer deposits. (WILX)

Did you hear that Speedway? Take down your signs and take back my bottles and cans.

And before I could bust through the door with plastic bags in hand filled to the brim...

At their discretion, retailers may limit the number of containers returned by an individual per day to $25 and establish special hours of operation for return facilities. Stores can also periodically close their return facilities as needed for cleaning. (WILX)

You're killing me smalls.

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