That awkward moment when you get to the age where you start seeing items you grew up with marketed as "collectibles."

Look, there is nothing wrong with getting older, many of us age like a fine wine. We're wiser, we definitely dress better (or at least think we do for now) and it's kind of fun to see the next generation fall in love with the things we once loved.

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Retro Aesthetics are "So In" Right Now

Personally, my aesthetic or "vibe" is more of a mid-century modern one. If I had to narrow it down to a specific era, it would definitely be the 70's.

However, as someone who definitely appreciates the music and glamour of the 80's as well as grew up in the 90's, I've gotta say I do love seeing some trends come back into the limelight.

TikTok is definitely one piece of the puzzle when it comes to these trends coming back but also, that's kind of just how trends work! It's all cyclical and as the 80's and 90's make a comeback, you know what's next? THE 2000's...or "Y2K" and I need more time to emotionally and mentally prepare for that one because "sheesh" it was not our most proud fashion era...if we're being honest.

For now, though, let's get back to the point of this article which is celebrating the 80's and 90's which is exactly what this new shop in Lansing's REO Town is doing!

A Warm Welcome to Grave Danger

According to FOX 47, Grave Danger was started by a local couple of fiancés, Roanna Selvage and Brian Jupin.

"It all started with a ninja turtle," FOX 47 reports as Selvage was talking about how selling parts of Jupin's massive Ninja Turtles collection sparked a love for memorabilia.

According to FOX 47, Selvage and Jupin have been selling collectible items for over two years now at various locations like malls and other storefronts but now are finally settling in to their own shop. There, customers can come shop as well as sell, donate or trade their own collectibles during the store's consignment hours.

Walking into the store definitely seems like it's going to be a gnarly rush of nostalgia as Selvage told FOX 47, "We really loved that feeling that you had when you were a kid when you would walk into a toy store. It's something that as adults we really miss, and we found that a lot of people our age also feel the same way."

CLICK HERE for the full story on the couple, their Halloween wedding plans and more on the store itself.

You'll be able to go in and get your 80's, 90's and 2000's fix starting with Grave Danger' grand opening weekend October 1st through October 3rd at 1236 A Turner St. in Lansing!

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