Here in the lower part of Michigan, we're getting ready to say goodbye to winter. It was tough for a while, but we're on the cusp of sunny days and warmer temperatures.

Up North, it'll be warm, someday. But first they'll have to dig out of the 212 inches of snow they got in Marquette.

According to the Detroit Free Press, they've collected some great photos and videos that have been circulating online, showing the thrill of being a Yooper in winter. Including one photo of a deer, standing on the roof of a building in Wakefield, MI, after climbing the snow drift next to the building.

The lady who took that photo, Debbie Fyvie, has possibly the best Yooper quote - ever. She says winter, "keeps the weaklings from moving into the paradise they see in the summer".

Well, this weakling, from under the bridge, looks forward to spending some time up there this summer.Thanks Debbie, for holding down the fort.


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