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What can I tell ya about this event that I haven't been blastin' at ya (for over a month ) already? It's THE WORLD'S LARGEST YARD SALE.

Get a jump up on yer Christmas shoppin'...this event isn't just about OLD stuff and ANTIQUES, ya know. There's tons of NEW STUFF as well as many items that will make perfect CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

Lookin' for more stuff to add to your own personal collections? There'll be lotsa pop culture items like records, comic books, magazines, toys, figurines, movies, posters, trading cards, etc.

It's the 3rd Annual World’s Largest Yard Sale THIS WEEKEND at The Summit Sports & Ice Complex, Saturday & Sunday, September 24 & 25.
8am–2pm Saturday and 9am–Noon Sunday.

It'll be one-stop shopping this weekend and you'll get a good head-start on your holiday shopping (and get stuff for yourself, too)!

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Tickets are $3.00 and available to purchase online and at the door.
OR, get a VIP ticket that will allow you entrance on Saturday from 8a-9a (BEFORE EVERYBODY ELSE) for $10.

I'll be there gettin' stuff for MY collections, believe you me...

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