2014 New York Comic Con - Day 3
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Very soon, soldiers will have the superhero ability to see through walls.

Thanks to a new wireless system that uses radio-waves to map peoples' movement behind walls.  Researches at MITtrained artificial intelligence to analyse radio signals that bounce off human bodies to create a dynamic stick figure that mimics a person's actions.

This technology allows you to seem them through walls as moving stick men.  The so-called neural network can sense people's postures and movement even from the outside of a building or room.

MIT says the tec can be embedded into a wireless device, which would theoretically allow soldiers to hook it up to their combat gear , like helmets and night-vision goggles.

Researchers are now working to create realistic 3D models that map even more detailed movements.    Kind of like Superman and his x-ray vision  which you gotta admit is pretty cool.

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