Everyone I know complains about our roads here in Michigan, but would you pay a road toll if that's what it takes to help fix our crumbling roads?

According to WILX, that's one solution the Michigan legislature is looking into to pay for it's crumbling infrastructure.

Senator John Bizon who represents Barry, Calhoun, and Ionia counties introduced a bill to conduct a feasibility study investigating the cost and factors involved in adding tolls to certain highways or bridges.

The Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved the legislation in November and the Senate is expected to vote on the bill next week.

A number of other states, especially those that surround Michigan, have toll roads in them and a lot people would like to know if that's something we should do in Michigan.

There is a federal law that prohibits states from turning federal highways into toll roads but there are a few ways around it.

The Senate is expected to vote on it next week and then it will head over to the House for any revisions before any votes are taken.

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