Here we go...the “experts” are at it again.
This time, they're telling us that Michigan is one of the "Top Ten Worst States for Women".

What is their 'expert' opinion based on?
1) Life expectancy
2) Male/female income difference
3) Number of female CEOs
4) Women who live in poverty

1) Life expectancy – 77.6 years old
2) Male/female wage gap: 34%, the sixth worst in the U.S.
3) Percentage of female CEOs is 22.8%
4) Poverty percentage of Michigan's female population is 29%

The Complete Top Ten Worst States For Women:
01) West Virginia
02) Louisiana
03) Oklahoma
04) Kentucky
05) Utah
06) Ohio
07) Michigan
08) Indiana
09) Texas
10) Alabama

The BEST state for women?

Take a look at how they came to these conclusions by CLICKING HERE.

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