The experts say that working out together increases happiness in your relationship. Maybe this is true, but I should talk this over with my wife before we embark on a venture that we haven't tried before.

Could I see us working out together? Depends on what our workouts will consist of. I could see us swimming, riding a stationary bike, and lifting a few free weights.

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We've never done this before. We currently bowl together every Tuesday night. We go for walks when the weather is nice, otherwise we stay inside and watch Netflix and other streaming services.

Let me say that I'm all in because we could most certainly motivate each other when it comes to exercising.

I found this really cool website at and it lists 5 reasons you should workout together.

My favorite on the list is number 5, exercise increases physical attraction to each other. This is what had to say:

Studies show a positive correlation between adrenaline and attraction. So, basically, exercising with your partner can make you more attracted to each other.

Well you can sign me up for some of that action. I'm already attracted to my wife. I can't Imagine what the outcome will be if we start exercising together.

I really like the idea of working out together because exercise can be so boring if you workout by yourself.

I feel like Lori and I could come up with our own fitness goals and then we could focus on reaching those goals together.

It's not like we're a really young couple who can run a 5K in under 30 minutes. But if we take our time and enjoy whatever routine makes us both happy, I think that's the way to go when you start working out together.

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