Thousands of Michigan workers have been asked to return to their old jobs and many are unsure about how they feel and if they want to come back to the office or not.

I've actually heard about some people quitting their jobs because they were flat out told to come back to the office immediately and because of the pandemic forcing so many to work from home, many Michigan workers are now skeptical and need a little time to decide on what's best for them.

Even my wife was told recently that she will need to comeback to work in the next couple of weeks at Michigan State.  She just told me the other day that she wishes she could work from home permanently.

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According to the Lansing State Journal:

Meanwhile, employees who have worked from home through the pandemic are realizing that as restrictions on in-person work have eased and employers are beginning to bring back employees to the workplace, they may prefer working from home.

No matter what Michigan workers decide on doing, there are so many businesses hiring these days.

Whenever I drive anywhere, I see signs up that read "Help Wanted."  If people aren't happy with their current jobs, rest assured that many companies are looking for new dependable employees.  There are many job openings available.

The Lansing State Journal also adds:

As more and more Michigan residents are vaccinated and pandemic restrictions are anticipated to be lifted by July, businesses are reopening and hiring to meet the strong demand from consumers for activities such as dining out and travel.

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