Can you imagine becoming a millionaire just by playing the Powerball jackpot lottery game?  I love to day dreaming about being a millionaire and never having to work again.

If it ever did happen, I would first hire a lawyer to take care of the legalities just make sure everything is in order.  The next thing I would do, buy the most expensive vehicle I could get my hands on!

According to

A keen eye and a little courage helped an Ypsilanti woman win a $1 million Powerball prize.  Yvonne Peterson, 56, matched all five white balls drawn--04-19-23-25-49--for the Jan. 13 drawing to win her prize.

This is amazing to say the least.  How can anybody be that lucky to hit all five numbers and then become an instant millionaire overnight? tells us about her plans:

Peterson bought her ticket at the Joe Hall Quick Stop, located at 244 Joe Hall Drive in Ypsilanti.  She recently visited lottery headquarters in Lansing to claim her prize.  With her winnings she plans on buying a new house, sharing some with family and saving the remainder.

Sounds like Yvonne has a pretty good organized game plan on how she's going to spend her million dollars.

Sometimes I wonder if some people are psychic and can see the winning numbers before they are picked randomly or for that matter, by the lottery machine.

I have a hard enough time winning easy coin games like heads or tails, but for anyone to get all five numbers correct by playing the Michigan lottery, that is truly a miracle.

That's it, I'm looking for any kind of miracle to win the Michigan lottery. can help us out:

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