Catching a friend's partner potentially cheating can put someone in an extremely awkward situation.

On TikTok, a woman shared that when she was recently at the hospital, she spotted her friend's husband cuddling up to another woman — who also just so happened to be pregnant. Naturally, her story has gone viral.

"As I entered the hospital, I saw my friend's husband with a lady who’s pregnant. It kind of looked strange, I was watching what was going on and then I realized he was hugging up on the person," user @chacdvale shared in a video posted to TikTok.

Eager to make sure she was seeing the situation correctly, she walked over to the man and tried to talk to him, asking him how her friend was doing.

"He said, 'Who?' And I said, 'Your wife.' He looked at me strangely and said, 'I am not married,'" she recalled in the viral video that has amassed over 14 million views so far.

She was shocked by the man's answer, explaining to viewers that she attended their wedding, recently went to their house and has even gone to church with the married couple.

After the man denied he was married, she began to think he might be the father of the pregnant woman's child, so she immediately called her friend to come to the hospital.

"My dear, World War II will happen here because our secret about to bust out of here. It's gonna be something," she said.

Watch the clip below:

In the comments, users applauded the woman for supporting her friend and telling her.

"You are a good friend.... As soon as he said.. Not married. No hesitation.. good u told her," one person wrote.

"Great friend. [Because] I'd do the same thing," another commented.

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In a follow-up video, the woman explained why she told her friend about the husband's potential infidelity.

"If you are a true and genuine friend and you see your friend's partner with somebody else and cheating, you should tell that person," she said, adding that in the friend "rule book," it says you're not supposed to "keep secrets."

"If I see it again, I'm going to say it again," she continued. "Don't let me see you cheating, 'cause if I see you cheating, I'm gonna let your wife or your girlfriend know."

Watch below:

Again, TikTok users rallied behind the woman.

"BEST FRIEND OF YEAR AWARD," one person wrote.

"You are a wonderful friend and there should be more friends like you," someone else commented.

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