One thing we can be sure of never running out of is criminals – a/k/a lawbreakers, outlaws, hoodlums, delinquents, desperados…..and just plain bad guys.

Michigan is home to one of the largest prisons in the country. We’ve definitely had our share of thugs and felons. Many Michigan criminals went on to become infamous, others became rehabilitated and had successful lives, and most of them just plain slipped under the radar, not making a name for themselves.

Here are a few of those who failed to make their marks in the annals of crime, and far from becoming “Public Enemy #1”…

Michigan Criminals Who Time Has Forgotten


Three Forgotten Michigan Criminals

Three More Forgotten Michigan Criminals: 1917-1936

Michigan's Forgotten Criminals, Vol. 3

Silas Doty, One of Michigan's Most Notorious Criminals

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