First off, this is one that MAY be true, in the sense that Michigan has it's fair share of wolves. But as for ghostly wolves? I also DO know that legends and rumors are based in some fact.

Omer Plains lies in the Michigan wilderness between the historic town of Omer and the hidden-within-the-woods Plains Cemetery (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

The legend of the 'Witchy Wolf' stems from the Chippewa tribe and has been around for well over 100 years. Evidently, the spirit of a half-wolf-half-dog protects the dead warriors of a long-lost Native American burial ground...and will attack anyone who trespasses. My question is: if the graves have become unmarked after over 100 years, how is anyone to know if they're trespassing on sacred ground or not? It's true there is an old Chippewa burial ground somewhere in the dense, wooded area...however, there IS a small, old cemetery along Jose' Road, just a few feet east of Grove Road that's easier to find...and even THAT ain't that simple...but is it the Chippewa burial ground? Could be...

Even so, the Omer Plains lies a small distance east of the above-mentioned cemetery... the long-lost burial ground may be within the plains as well. The photo gallery below shows you where the plains are.

The whole area is an immense wilderness area that the Rifle River cuts right through and the desolate, deep-woods may give some faint-hearted folks the creeps...and some of the few people that live in the area believe they have spotted these wolf-spirits, seen as ghostly shadows rather than flesh-and-blood beings.

The residents of the Omer area embrace this ghostly legend and some merchants are willing to discuss the legend with selected visitors. Remember, approximately 90% of rumors & legends are based on fact.

Wanna visit? Take I-75 north to 61. Turn right and you're in the town of Standish. At the downtown intersection, cross over Main St and Forest St and turn left on N. Grove Street. Head a few miles up the road until you get to Jose Road and turn right. By this time you're already in the Omer Plains area and the Plains Cemetery is just a few feet on the left. If you can't find a decent place to park, turn around and keep going north on Grove until you reach the Crystal Creek campgrounds. Park somewhere there and prepare to do some hiking. When you're finished, get back in the car and head east to the desolate Omer Plains, just down the road...and the actual town of Omer is a short distance east of the plains.

Once again, I have a tough time believing this 'witchy wolf' tale, but if you wanna give it a shot, go ahead. At least you'll be intrigued with the woodsy area...and maybe you'll find the lost cemetery, deep within the woods. At least you have a good place to start searching - check the photo gallery below for the possible location.

Visit all three areas: the cemetery, the plains and the historic town of's a fascinating roadtrip for you to take some weekend!

But beware.....DON'T GET LOST.....

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