Some community colleges, even in Michigan, are offering insight, and it is not pretty.

In a USA Today article, they asked several community college presidents about what they thought of enrollment in the fall, and what they got in response was a lot of shoulder shrugging, eye rolling and a few flat out "I don't knows."

The coronavirus is where the fault lies. In this new era we are dealing with rapidly changing information and restrictions. The Community college presidents interviewed all basically said the same thing: they have no idea how much they will be allowed to do and how they are going to instruct their students.

Martha Parham the senior VP for Public Relations for the American Association of Community Colleges said, "A lot depends on how the economy bounces back."

A Community College president in Tennessee said, "The unknown is if we are still in the online learning environment."

Students are weary of online classes. They are not sure how they will be able to afford the classes, will they be safe going back, or if the colleges will be open this fall.

They are right; it is not going to be pretty.

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