It's a simple question, why do men hate Christmas shopping? And here's a simple answer, WE JUST DO!

Don't get me wrong, I love everything about Christmas except for shopping. In fact, my wife won't ask me to go shopping anymore because she knows that I hate it with a passion.

The other day, my wife asked me if I wanted to go shopping for anything on Black Friday because of all the special deals.

What was my answer with a big smile on my face? NO THANK YOU!

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The ladies have this all figured out and know exactly what they're shopping for, where to go and get it, what time the stores open and close, and have a good feel for all the great bargains. They are the experts and are very qualified and really enjoy it.

What do men know? Where the refrigerator is, how much beer is in it, and what time the next sporting event starts on TV.

Even if I do go to the mall with my wife, I don't want to do any shopping. I just want to give her my credit card and then go find a nice comfortable chair to sit in while she walks into just about every store on the planet.

Even most of my friends feel the same way. We don't like to mess with crowds and we don't like standing in long lines bored out of our minds.

And one more thing, when my wife goes into a store she really loves, she could spend hours trying on outfit after outfit after outfit.

I don't mind decorating the house for Christmas or wrapping presents. That part of the holiday season is wonderful.


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