Does your boss rake in the dough year-after-year while you and the other employees struggle to make ends meet?

Let's face it - it's the loyal, hard-working employees that make the bosses look good...right?

Well here's one boss - more surprisingly, a CEO - who gave himself a pay cut from one million dollars a year down to $70,000 a year so the money could be spread out to the employees, who will now get DOUBLE the salary they were making!  HOW COOL IS THAT???

Granted, not all bosses are cheap, tight slavedrivers who keep giving themselves raises while employees work for peanuts...but I'm sure there are some of you out there who would love to see your employer do something along these lines...even if on a smaller scale.

This is one very inspiring, touching act that was instigated by this CEO.........A CEO, FOR PETE'S SAKE! THAT'S ALMOST UNHEARD OF!

But watch the video and read the story HERE.

It's pretty cool to see the reactions of the employees when they get the unexpected good news...