Some people are just too hard to please...but to complain on a day all about love is not very "in the holiday spirit" now is it?

We get it, there's probably a lot you could complain about on Valentine's Day, the packed restaurants, the crappy gifts, the no gifts at all, feeling sorry for yourself, the list could go on and on. However, if you have a complaint, maybe just keep it in your back pocket and pull it out later.

Anyways, we all know the name "Karen" took on a totally different meaning lately as an identifier for someone who can't help but complain or just act incredulously entitled. However, what if Karen wasn't the only name that was most likely to complain about simple things like Valentine's Day?

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Recently, Coupon Lawn decided to look into it some more and their results were pretty enlightening!

Sure, the name Karen made the list but fear not actual good people named Karen, your namesake did make the top 20 but it did rank 13th so, really, it could be worse.

Contrary to popular belief, here are the top 10 names where the people who have them may also have more of a tendency to gripe on Valentine's Day:

  1. Deborah
  2. Mark
  3. Helen
  4. David
  5. Adrian
  6. John
  7. Michael
  8. Sarah
  9. Jenny
  10. Marie

See your name on this list? Do you wonder how Coupon Lawn could have possibly found your name or these names in general to be the most common complaining culprits?


It's actually pretty interesting:

They were able to gather a list of the world's most visited tourist attractions, then went to TripAdvisor to look for "poor" and "terrible" reviews.

Upon finding the reviews, they then filtered those by ones where the "date of experience" was February and the "traveler type" was couples and if the review mentioned "valentine" or "valentine's day" and there it all was.

So Karens, either socially dubbed or just genuinely named, you can take a seat this Valentine's Day and laugh as the Deborahs, Marks and Helens speak to managers around the world!

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