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Folks who went to see the world premier screening of "Whitney" which is Kevin MacDonalds film at the Cannes Film Festival, came out of the theater a bit shell shocked.

The new 'Whitney' movie focuses on Whitney Houston's life and rise to fame and her slide down into tragic drug abuse.

The bombshell from the movie is that as a young girl, Whitney was sexually abused, but not by a man, it was a woman , Whitney's cousin Dee-Dee Warwick, the late sister of Dionne Warwick.

To this day, it is still hard to imagine that Whitney has been gone six years.  The beautiful woman with such a gift of a soulful voice  that made her an instant star around the world.  The movie then follows the young talent as she becomes a drug ravaged shadow of her former self.  Such a sad ending to such a talent.

The Documentary sheds fresh light on iconic singer.

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