Let's take a trip back to the 1990s. Those of us who visited McDonald's on a regular basis.were looking for three things: fast food, Happy Meal toys for our kids and Monopoly game pieces. Just like the real Monopoly board game, you wanted to own the Boardwalk piece. Sure, you would get Park Place all the time, but the one you never got was the Boardwalk piece. Which, together with Park Place, was worth a million bucks. There's a good reason you never got that one - and it wasn't just because that was a rare piece.

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According to Rolling Stone, you and I never got the Boardwalk piece with our fries because NOBODY got one. Unknown to McDonald's, a guy named "Uncle Jerry", who worked for the company that printed the game pieces, was stealing them and selling them. And this went on for about 12 years. Until the FBI found out.

The whole story is now part of a documentary series, set to premiere on HBO on February 3rd. There's also a full length movie in the works about the case.

And now I'm craving McDonald's french fries.

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