It hardly matters where you do your shopping, whether it's for groceries or anything else. Most places don't give you the option of “paper or plastic” anymore. In most cases, it's all down to plastic bags.

In the old days, grocery stores packed your goods in paper bags. The best thing about those was the crinkle sound they made, and the stalk of celery that always poked out at the top. Many times if the bag was overloaded, it would rip at the top and from there, the rip continued down the side until all your stuff fell out into the parking lot or driveway. An attempt to make them fail-proof, such as double-bagging or adding little handles to the top, wasn't much help. Those handles weren't that side would always pop out and the groceries once again would topple out onto the ground.

The solution? Plastic bags with handles. While the plastic bags were made easier to lug than paper, they still have their problems. Many times they rip at the seams and stuff falls out. Sometimes the handles rip, the bag tilts, and stuff falls out. They don't sit as well in the back seat of your vehicle like paper bags did...they lazily tip over and stuff falls out.

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Okay, so there has to be at least one place that had the least amount of problems with plastic bags, right? We've all wrestled with the plastic bag problems at places like Ace Hardware, Big Lots, Cracker Barrel, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Goodwill, Home Depot,  KFC, Kroger, Lowe's, Meijer, Walmart, and the list seems endless.

But I think I have pinpointed the best plastic bags in Michigan that refused to rip, tear, or topple: The bags at Aldi's. They used to cost .10 to .12 a piece and they were great. But since the end of 2023, they eliminated them. Now we're stuck with all the others that rip, tear, shred, pop, and droop.

Progress? Lucky us.

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