If you are in the mood for some Poutine Fries then Lansing has it, and if you want to find out who has the best this might help. So I'm a huge fan of poutine fries and I probably have tried poutine at about a dozen places already around Lansing and I wanted to find out who has the best. So I went on Yelp and looked up who has the best Poutine Fries in Lansing, and I have to say I have tried Poutine at all of the Top 5.

If you don't know what Poutine is, its potato fries covered in gravy, cheese curds, and sometimes bacon or some other meat might be on top too. Its a great appetizer or a great meal just for yourself. So if you have never tried it you might want to check out these places that apparently have the best in Lansing, according to Yelp users. 

  • #1 Midtown Brewing Co (402 S Washington Sq) they serve Duck confit Poutine, as well as other dishes with Duck Confit.
  • #2 Streetkitchen (2722 E Michigan Ave) They have so many different and creative dishes as they call their Poutine "Leftover Poutine" and it looks even better.
  • #3 Tavern & Tap (101 S Washington Sq) They not only have great Poutine but their whole menu is raved about all over.
  • #4  Henry's Place (4926 Marsh Rd) They have a great bar atmosphere and their Poutine is great, I have tried it on several occasions.
  • #5 Hop Cat (300 Grove St) They ofcourse have a great enviroment and their menu is even more creative, I believe they call it "Vladimir Poutine fries".

You can check out all of the places in Lansing that serve it here. 

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