There is something about the McRib that's so simple yet so delicious it's mind boggling. And irresistible. Whenever the Golden Arches decide to bring it back, it's always for a limited time. And we lose our ever loving minds. It's a pop icon in itself. It's been parodied on The Simpsons. And my reaction when they bring it back and I taste one is kinda like Homer's lol.

(Video: Lukifer X via YouTube)

I have noticed Mickey D's tends to bring it back around the fall or holiday shopping season. And you never have to do anything else to it. You take it as is. And this simple bbq, pickles, and onions masterpiece does indeed pair so well with fries and a Dr. Pepper. Who else has tried to get every last bit of sauce with their fries?

McDonald's announced a little while back the McRib would be back this fall for a limited time. And today Lansing (Thursday, October 17th) you can grab one for free. But you gotta get there early and beat the line. Because, you know...McRib + FREE = INSANITY.

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