Are you still wearing masks everywhere you go in Mid-Michigan?  Many still are, and probably still not a bad idea if you want to be extra safe even if you have all your vaccines.

I had both shots and the booster and depending on where I go still may wear a mask.  If you have a selection of cloths masks great, but if you're like me and go through quite a few of disposable ones, here is another way to add to your collection.

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Here is the deal a few grocery store chains in Michigan are making sure that you have an N95 mask.

I like these masks because there is room to breathe. The CDC says they are meant for single-use but can be used more than once. The agency says N95s should not be used more than 5 times

So according to Kroger and Meijer say they will join together with the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services to give away free masks.

Meijer will give away free masks near the entrance of its stores in the Lansing area. The N95 masks will be in boxes set on a table near the front of the store.

Kroger will also give up to three free non-surgical N95 masks to folks that stop by.

Kroger is grateful for the ongoing role we’re able to play in helping help our associates and customers protect themselves and our communities against COVID-19,” said Ken DeLuca, president, of The Kroger Co. of Michigan. “We have many accessible stores across the region and invite our customers to visit to pick up free non-surgical respirator masks for their household.


Keep in mind too that you can schedule a COVID-19 vaccination or booster appointment at a Kroger pharmacy at And for more info on Meijer, please visit  Stay Safe.

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